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Touring the Pyramids of Egypt

Touring the Pyramids of Egypt

Touring the Pyramids of Egypt. June 3. I was up at 06:55. My alarm was set for 07:03 which would give me just five hours of sleep. It is incredible how a brain wakes itself up just before the alarm clock even when the brain knows it needs more sleep. How does the brain actually know what time it is when it is sleeping? How does it physically know when 07:03 is to wake you up just a little before?...

Egypt!  It is real!

Flight to Egypt – Heck Yeah!

Flight to Egypt – Heck Yeah!  June 2. I awoke in Athens, Greece, just before my alarm at 08:30. I wanted more sleep, but I always want that. Sex, sleep and money…there is just never seems to be enough! My friend Menia was already up and making breakfast! Awesome! I had a shower and met her sister who refers to me as ‘Pfshh Too Soo!,’ a Greek expression said aggressively meaning ‘I spit on you.’ Menia taught that to me....