Driving in Mexico, Camalú to San Ignacio: Day 2

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    Gorgeous highways through the desert.
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    So, it turns out that I really like cacti. I had no idea before, but I am lead to believe it because I can not seem to stop taking photos of them. I even had a cacti salad. Cacti, citrus, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes and other salad particles that people would normally consume. Cactus is a winner in my books...
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    These things are gynormous! Saguaro cactus, the boss of all other cacti! The mountains and valleys of Baja California are covered in majestic looking prickly beauty .
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    Central Baja California topography! Welome to Baja, Mexico!
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    Cruising through Baja California, Mexico, during the Baja 1000 looks like this! Really awesome ATVs are everywhere, heading into the desert.

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  1. Dannielle72 says:

    I was in San Ignacio once. I love the church in the town square. Gorgeous!

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