Bulembu: Abandoned Asbestos Mining Ghost-Town

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  • 1230164
    That is quite a place of business.
  • 1230175
    The road to Bulembu.
  • 1230178
    Bulembu, the asbestos mine houses.
  • 1230184
    Terraces of homes.
  • 1230185
  • 1230187
    Growth moving in. But, there is life on the hill behind.
  • 1230188
    Community washing basins.
  • 1230189
    Great, a new trash heap. That will keep the rats away.
  • 1230190
    Nature wants to end you!
  • 1230192
    Even when it was in use, it was probably a pretty unpleasant start to your morning.
  • 1230194
  • 1230197
    Porch and kitchen.
  • 1230200
    One room shack.
  • 1230202
    A spacious kitchen.
  • 1230203
    Two room shack.
  • 1230206
    The colors are great.
  • 1230207
    Homes with electricity!
  • 1230223
    The cable car.
  • 1230224
    The cables heading out over the hills to Barberton, South Africa.
  • 1230226
    The whole asbestos shipping system.
  • 1230228
    These buckets to be filled with asbestos.
  • 1230231
  • 1230234
    Tracks to move carts of asbestos to the factory.
  • 1230237
    It is pretty and green here.
  • 1230239
    Asbestos warehouses.
  • 1230242
    Asbestos tailings.
  • 1230249
    That is a very unhealthy mound.
  • 1230251
    Asbestos mine.
  • 1230252
    Dilapidation and abandonment.
  • 1230254
    There is a forest growing in this one.
  • 1230260
    My friend Sizolwethu.
  • 1230274
    Workers going to the pulp mill.
  • 1230275
    Ah, that is why our ride was late.
  • 1230276
    My ride from Bulembu.
  • 1230279
    Making charcoal.
  • 1230284
    Ooooh, something tells me our ride is going to be late...

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3 Responses

  1. José Filipe Chemane says:

    Good day!
    I leaved and worked at Bulembu asbestos mine as a vigilant guard, 1996-1997, and i have good memories of it, the good view around it of mountans, eucaliptus and the beautiful green land.

    During my stay i have met a woman named phumzile who also worked at bulembu asbestos mine company, with whom i had a love affair with. After i left to South Africa i totally lost her contact.

    Would you help me to meet her, and put me in touch!

    • harrishog1 says:

      Wow José,
      That is amazing. I would love to be able to help you but and only a journalist and I do not have connections that would be able to help you. But I sure hope that you can figure out a way to track her down. Places like Facebook are a really good place to start if you can remember her full name. And I sure hope you fine her. I am so pleased that you took the time to find this article and share your story with me. That is amazing. I wish you luck José, and thanks again for writing!

      • José Filipe Chemane says:

        Thank you so much for your time…!

        i will keep looking with hope that one day i meet her again.

        Kind Regards
        José Chemnae

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