Bulawayo to Johannesburg: Back to the Future

  • P1220909
    I like the creativity of this man...
  • P1220910
    Front shot.
  • P1220915
    And this. I wish I had been able to meet the man who made these vehicles.
  • P1220916
    Really cool!
  • P1220918
    Bulawayo vegetable market.
  • P1220921
    Yeah, my second luxury bus in Africa.
  • P1220923
    Whoa, what a headline....
  • P1220927
    A boulder for a hill on the beautiful drive south.
  • P1220929
    Road donkeys.
  • P1220933
    Crossing the bridge between Zimbabwe and South Africa.
  • P1230002
    Oooh, you should probably keep your things deep in your pockets.

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