Yayeda Chini Hadza Tribe: Hunter Gatherer Money Greed

  • P1180134
    Cultivating the land.
  • P1180140
    What a bus-line name..
  • P1180147
    I love this image so much.
  • P1180156
    Cactus tree.
  • 1180168
    Ugoro (sniffing tobacco). It made me dizzy like I was drunk.
  • 1180169
    Sonyo (smoking tobacco) - It burned my eyes to smoke and made tears roll down my cheeks.
  • 1180172
    Paper for rolling cigarettes.
  • 1180170
    My crew of curious followers.
  • 1180182
    40 'freezie' sized bags of dry gin alcohol for girts.
  • 1180161
    The man who owned the shack that sold tobacco in the village.
  • 1180167
    People in the small village of Bashay loved having their photos taken really got a kick out of seeing themselves in the images after. I love the big smiles and I am a particularly big fan of the maize saleslady.
  • 1180178
    My maize lady.
  • 1180186
    Gasoline from water bottles.
  • 1180190
    My pilot into the wild, Mathayo.
  • 1180191
    Josphat and Paulo.
  • 1180192
    Herdsmen, often pre-teen children.
  • 1180195
    Life is a lot of years ago here.
  • 1180199
    Lonely rouge tree.
  • 1180200
    Mt. Hanang looming in the distance, looking like it is burning diesel.
  • 1180202
    Unsurprising African countryside motorcycle handyman continuation maintenance.
  • 1180204
    Tree branch Tanzanian tooth brush conversion should you need to freshen up in a jiffy... Paulo calls it a 'wild teeth-brush.'
  • 1180206
    A rough, long, road.
  • 1180211
    I found these three children in this tree on the side of the road. There was nothing else, no house, no buildings, nothing, anywhere else, but there were these three children in a tree.
  • 1180217
    The mountain home of a herdsman out working for the day.
  • 1180218
    Mathayo in front for size reference.
  • 1180225
    The map to find the Hadza people.
  • 1180228
    We came across this bushman who had been after a gazelle.
  • 1180229
    This man had an expression that never changed. The arrows had hand-made light metal tips on them smeared with poison made from snake venom and candelabra (a type if cactus).
  • 1180234
    Small housing at the edge of the Hadza village.
  • 1180247
    The old man of the village.
  • 1180256
    I love that gorgeous tree.
  • 1180260
    Not a traditional hunter.
  • 1180263
    Small Hadza huts.
  • 1180264
    The little boy on the left hand side with a bow and arrow.
  • 1180265
    The path through those trees.
  • 1180267
    A Big Beaver cowboy... not a real speak hunter.
  • 1180270
    A perfect traditional yard.
  • 1180272
    Father driving and son holding onto a goat (with a pretty big sack!).
  • 1180276
    Horizon of the Rifty Valley.
  • 1180278
    Hauling a chicken home.
  • 1180282
    You can really make people happy when you are giving away alcohol and tobacco.
  • 1180287
  • 1180289
    Smoking with Duro.
  • 1180292
    Small shacks in Mbulu where fruit and veg are sold.
  • 1180309
    An arrowhead that detaches from the arrow. Look at the barbs on that!
  • 1180312
    The bus from Mbulu to Qatesh.
  • 1180313
    Topping up the rad half way through the drive.
  • 1180315
    My version of hell, a hill of onions.
  • P1180266
    Young hunter with a spear.
  • P1180163
    It was funny to see her trying to get close enough to touch my skin.

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