Baja California Roadtrip, San Ignacio to Todos Santos: Day 3

  • 1290342-011
    The Baja desert. The mountains look like mirages of each other.
  • 12903211
    Starting the day in San Ignacio. Their fancy town square church.
  • img_20161121_110523
    Making highway miles in style!
  • img_20161121_110801
    There has been a lot of blue in this post. It is impossible to not overindulge in photos here.
  • img_20161121_111228
    Driving during the day, so as not to miss this!
  • img_20161121_111650
    That cove. I want a home there! Look at those colors!

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2 Responses

  1. Jann says:

    That looks like an awesome roadtrip

  2. Clara says:

    That was an awesome blog!

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